Struggles with YouTube Branding

Over the last 4 years, I’ve struggled with personal branding.

Let’s get this clear from the start, I’m no designer.

Canva and PicMonkey have always been loyal tools in my arsenal of attempting to brand my projects and efforts, but they have only taken me so far.

Rewind to 2013, I had just started a brand new YouTube channel with the aim of covering productivity app tutorials to help those struggling with resources.

My initial idea. Brand this with my name “Francesco D’Alessio”. 


Horrible idea.

The last 3 years has been so tricky with the delivery of content and building my own base on YouTube. My name wasn’t the best strategy to take.

The real struggle has been: 

  • Names don’t mean anything
  • Subscriber rates have been lower due to credibility
  • Mismatched content, some personal, some professional
  • Messy marketing messages

This continued into the next iterations of the design.

YouTube (9).png

In later 2015, I started to bring a little more spice to the table with my delivery. A combination of app logos with my brand helped to bring a little more clarity, and fun into what I was doing with the channel.


At the start of 2016, I decided to take a shot and clearing this up with my first version of the branding, that didn’t go so well. “Tech Habits”.

The goal with Tech Habits was to bring the same wonderful content but filter this under a scalable name and a more understandable ethos.


TechHabits was a good step in the right direction, but not quite there yet. At any point in my content had I ever mentioned “Tech Habits” or a hint at covering too much technology which would warrant the title.

Later 2016, I started to go over my previous, what was the key element bringing them all together. Then one of the community members emailed me. He said he loved the sign off message at the end of each of the videos, “Make sure to have a great week, keep productive and I’ll see you very soon, cheers”, something I had sub-consciously added, adding it to the end of the email he sent me.

From here I brought together the next steps of the branding.

Keep Productive. 

Planning started April time of 2017 to bring the channel into the 21st century. Keep Productive would deliver the same videos with a deeper focus on productivity apps.

One of my biggest fears was that productivity apps were too niche. Sure they are, but that’s how I grew the community. The technology space was a large subject and for those channels, I was exploring, the content seemed harder to keep up with and there was a lot more competition. Plus, I knew productivity apps, I had been exploring them from an early age, since 15, so it made sense to share my insights.

Another thing I found notable, in late 2016, I referred to everyone as friends.

In this transition and planning, I wanted to build a support network, a community, to help expand the message and create a healthy communication channel outside of YT.

Work started on the re-brand in August 2017, with an intent to fully shift focus by the end of 2017, everything has played out well so far, despite tricky changes and tweaks.

Untitled design (21).png

This is the newly formed YouTube channel. A new name and branding, as you can see.

Copy of (5).png

From a pretty messy set-up with inconsistent branding to this has really changed the course of the channel.

Just to be clear, I’m nowhere near the end goal. But I’m closing in on something that lingered over me for a year or two,


Fingers crossed this gave you some insight into personal branding on YouTube and how to approach the topic. There are plenty of YouTubers that have effectively used their own name as the brand, but this is my story of how I took the direction.

I’m sure there will be an update soon.

Thanks again,


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