How To Manage a Blog Editorial Calendar with Trello

When I started blogging ten years ago, I didn’t have any organization; it was just an open diary, and it remained the same for many years until I decided to start creating quality contents (geeking out about your favorite books can be considered quality content, right?) back in 2014.

For the first time, I’ve put pen on paper and organized my blog by categories, deciding I would post three times a week, and so on. Then I started realizing that I needed some more structure and organization and my paper planner wasn’t enough.

This is how my journey to find the perfect productivity app started and now the result is that I need more than one to properly function, but, for my blog, my top choice is Trello.

I won’t go into details explaining how Trello works since Francesco already did a great job on his YouTube channel [], but I’m going to share my visual way to organize my blog using a board I called Editorial Calendar.

Instead of having a To-Do, Doing, Done set of lists, I decided to structure it a little bit differently.

Post Ideas: pretty straight forward, here I collect all the potential blog posts I’d like to write in the future, and I label them according to my blog categories.

Little tip: I use a Chrome extension called Trelabels [], it allows me to see the name of the labels.

3 Months: I have three boards for the three months of the quarter I’m in, in this case, October, November, December. Here is where I add all the post I plan to write or the ones I know are going to happen at certain dates (like the bookish linkup Top Ten Tuesday). When a post is scheduled, instead of archiving the card, I use a sticker to mark it as done.


Little tip: To keep the cards of my lists always in order, I use the Chrome extension Ultimello [] that sorts them by due dates, even if I move them around inside the lists.

Useful Links: I used to keep all the links I needed for running my blog in a bookmark folder on Chrome, but it wasn’t very organized, and I couldn’t easily access it on my mobile devices, so I created this list on my Trello board and I must say it’s a life saver.


Calendar Power-Up: This is where all my planning happens. To decide what to write and schedule on my blog, I need to see the whole month at a glance, and the Calendar feature of Trello is amazing. I love the flexibility because I tend to move my cards a lot, nothing is set in stone until it’s scheduled for me, since I’m a full-time university student and my life tends to be pretty busy. The reason why I don’t archive a card once the post is scheduled is that it would disappear from my calendar, so I prefer to archive them all once the quarter is over and I have to plan the next three months.


This method is very simple, but having a whole dashboard dedicated to my blog helps me to see the big picture and plan things in advance, I only wish there was a calendar view on the app too.

I hope this post inspired you a little bit, even if I like to keep things simple. I’m so grateful Francesco invited me on his blog!

Feel free to let me know if (and how) you use Trello in the comment section down below or tweet me at @alicegreenleaf.


4 thoughts on “How To Manage a Blog Editorial Calendar with Trello

  1. I just started using Trello for my blog calendar and this post helped streamline it — the idea of using a sticker to mark something “done” is awesome, I was moving things from list to list but that made it harder to see the schedule chronologically. I also like the way you’re using labels to indicate what kind of post it will be! Thanks for the examples!

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