Joining Newton Mail

Just a quick update from me.

New position at Newton Mail 


A few week ago I had the opportunity to review Newton Mail. Here’s the video.

After exploring the new update a week before I was amazed. I loved the new functionality and the new design approach. Clean, simple and everything I’d look for in an email service. After speaking with the team over the last week, I am now joining their Marketing team until late December to work on growing the awareness of the new email service.

I’m going to be speaking with a lot of you on social media about the recent changes and subscription tweaks to Newton Mail, so feel free to reach out in advance via Twitter 🙂

I’m very very excited to be working with the CloudMagic team and will be working remotely with the team in Plymouth. I’m passionate about the product and looking forward to sharing Newton Mail with the world!

I continue my work with FlashSticks on the new FlashAcademy app too – helping to make language learning more interactive too. We’ve recently launched German and had some amazing features from Levi Antrim, Kate Mueser and Andrea Heckler – all great YouTubers.

As for future YouTube videos


The team at Newton have been supportive towards my continued YouTube efforts. Being part of a productivity company can have a direct effect on my opinions. This is something I wanted to address, I have decided to continue my consistent work with a weekly video combined with advanced 3-4 minute videos for all things productivity.

I now have over 3,000 amazing subscribers who have been awesome to create weekly videos for.  The only thing you’ll have to excuse would be the occasional week I need the weekend off 😉

Drop me a message if you’re interested in hearing more: and if you’re interested in Newton Mail, my new email is

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