CALENDARS: Sunrise Alternatives

Here is the video: 

RLDR — Here’s how to download each app suggested:


APPLE CALENDAR – already built into iOS and Mac devices, available via with your Apple ID login. (FREE) (for basic needs)

SCHEDJOULES – for interesting calendars to plug-in natively on Android and iOS – £1.99 for 12 months with 1-months free. (Android: and iOS:

TINY CAL – decent iOS option, but with no Mac or Android app – in the free version there are Ads. (FREE, PREMIUM: £4.99) (

GOOGLE CALENDAR – solid option for users on iOS and Android, web version isn’t amazing. No Mac app… But integrates with Apple Cal (FREE, iOS, Android, Web) (

*TIMEPAGE BY MOLESKINE* – amazing design and getting better with time. Impressive set-up for those looking for a creative option (£3.99 on iOS only) (

CAL BY ANY.DO – very basic app – nothing too special – available on both iOS and Android – ( (FREE, iOS and Android) – works alongside Any.DO task manager too.

*FANTASTICAL 2* – one of the top apps on this list – iOS and Mac available – expensive, but has a great style and design. Mac app is amazing, even though it’s £29.99 ($49.00). ( (£2.99 on iOS)

BUSYCAL 3.0 – works on Mac & iOS – very basic experience, nothing exciting – has nice options for viewing like TinyCal on iOS. ( (£2.99, £29.99 Mac).

– *CALENDARS 5* – fantastic iOS applicaton – simple and extensive viewing options – like agenda, list and more – love it! For iOS it’s the best option, for Mac they are working on a new version. (iOS: £4.99)

*TODAY CALENDAR* – Top option for Android only, it’s simple – well-designed app by Jack Underwood – a very material design feel for those Android lovers. It’s my Android choice… (FREE version, PRO: $4.49) (

SOL CALENDAR – very similar to the Today calendar option, but can be very confusing sometimes with using it alongside Tasks inside the app – (FREE) (

aCalendar – this is another Android calendar – nothing too special – its day view is very nice – you can add different calendars which is a little out-there. It’s not amazing but perfect for shift workers – (FREE, PRO VERSION: £1.99) (Download:


KIN.TODAY – this released this morning – ( – allowing you to add calendars like Sunrise allows you to + claims to be the top Sunrise app – it’s trending on Product Hunt at the moment: (

SUNSAMA – Calendar for Teams: – useful for teams. Have a look at this one!

Thanks for your support.

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Francesco 🙂 

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